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Rover Robotics

Rover Pro Interface Board

Rover Pro Interface Board

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The Rover Pro interface board allows you to easily interface with the Rover Pro. Access multiple power connections, easy USB communication and a simple E-Stop hook-up.


If you have an interface board older than REV-E you will need to update your interface board in order to use the latest code from Rover Robotics.



55mm x 70mm (V2 was 62mm x 55mm)



-Battery power connection (12V-16.8V)

-USB connection for communication

-5V Power connection

-Estop button option

- 100W max

Improvements over V2

- USB port changed from micro to USB Type B to increase ruggedness

- Port for an estop button

- Additional ESD protection

- Power stabilization to prevent computer brownouts

E-Stop Selector Guide

Mode 1 - Normally Open

Use mode 1 with an e-stop button that is normally open

Mode 2 - Normally Closed

Use mode 2 with an e-stop button that is normally closed

None - No estop button wired

Use this mode when you don't intend to use an e-stop button




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