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Rover Robotics

4WD Replacement Tires/Wheels

4WD Replacement Tires/Wheels

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The 4WD replacement tires allows your Rover Pro or Rover Zero to navigate all sorts of terrain, while also providing a comfortable amount of ground clearance!

Tire Style

 All tire options are the same size and provide similar capabilities, however if you are in need of extra grip or are working in particularly slick or low friction environments you may want to purchase a more rugged tire.

Flat Free

Our Flat Free tires are the base option for each Rover Pro or Zero. They are solid rubber tires, so you won't pop them, and they are sturdy enough to last for miles of run time. They are a little slick and have only a little give to them, so they will slip a bit on low friction surfaces.


These are the same dimensions as the Flat Free tires, but are pneumatic and have a grippier rubber to them. Perfect for environments with lower friction.

Super Rugged

The Super Rugged tires are pneumatic tires with extra deep tread to them, for those applications that need as much grip as possible from the tires.


What's Included

x4 - 10" Flat Free or Pneumatic Tires with custom Rover Robotics hubs


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