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Does the Rover come with a computer?

The Rover Pro and Rover Zeros do not have a computer built into the robot. Its recommended that all first time customers purchasing one of these robots also get a payload, which comes with a computer and all the necessary ROS packages needed to drive the robot around within 10 minutes of unboxing. For enterprise clients looking to scale up an application we have a third product line not listed on our site that does have a computer built in with thermal management and long mean time to failure. Contact us for more information.

What computer should I get?

We really like the NVIDIA Jetson line, or the ADLINK Vizi-AI line. Both provide computers with computer vision in mind. The NVIDIA computers use GPUs which are more general purpose but let efficient. The ADLINK Vizi-AI includes an Intel VPU which is more dedicated to vision application but less general purpose.

Do the Rovers have encoders?

Yes, we used brush-less motors with encoders on the back of the shaft. The data from them is exposed in our ROS driver or by using our UART protocol. The raw data is very noisy since the encoder measurements are taken before the gearbox, we filter them in our ROS driver.

What sensors do the Rover have?

The Rovers have only encoders. All other sensors are meant to be put into the payload. This is because sensor technology is changing fast and this allows for using the latest and greatest sensors without having to redesign the whole robot.

Can you convert one type of rover to another?

Yes, and its very easy. It takes about 5 minutes to convert from 2WD to 4WD or 4WD to flipper.

Can you ship to countries outside the US?

We can ship to most countries, it may just cost more and take extra time. The most difficult thing to get to other countries are the Rover Pro batteries because they are over the 100Wh cutoff for being considered dangerous goods. These sometimes get flagged by customs. Contact us if you would like more information about shipping.

Is the Rover a good fit for my application?

The Rover platform is an incredibly reliable, capable robot, but will not meet every customer's needs. Use this chart to determine whether the Rover Pro is a good fit for your application.


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