We took the #1 Police and Public safety robot and made it compatible with ROS and open source software

Rover Robotics was founded in 2018 as a joint venture between RoboteX (a leader in making robots for police and public safety) and the founder of Proto Labs (a leader in rapid prototype manufacturing). We took RoboteX's Avatar III robot and made it fully compatible with ROS so that anyone can leverage its extremely rugged design.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create reliable and affordable robotic hardware

You may have noticed that we are one of the only robotics companies in our class that lists our pricing online, and that we are significantly cheaper than robots of similar quality that sell for $12k - $20k. That's no accident. We are obsessed with driving down the cost of robotic hardware because we believe that cost is the main barrier preventing robots from pushing out of the high-value, highly limited roles they are being used for today.

The Future

We want robots to be as affordable and feature rich as modern day laptops and smartphones

Only then can we see the full potential of the great open source software being written currently. We believe the future of robotic software is open source and free of vendor lock in!


Nick F.
Founder and CEO

Holding a Masters of Robotics from Cornell University Nick does it all; software, mechanical design, and electrical design.

Adam G.
Founder / Advisor

Silicon Valley veteran and serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience designing rugged robots and holds 39 patents

Eric Z.
Founder / Advisor

Silicon Valley veteran and Stanford Mechatronics graduate with 10+ years of designing electronics for rugged mobile robots

David R.
Business Development

Serial Entrepreneur with 30+ years of business experience.

Tom S.
Robotics Engineer

Young and aspirational roboticist with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from University of Minnesota

Nick V.

Graduate of University of Minnesota with 5+ years of supply chain experience

Nick P.
Software Engineer

Formerly at Cray supercomputers, Nick now applies his skills to make super robots.

Yang Y.

Graduate of Cornell University, Yang is a master of making sure things work reliably.

Dan R.
Software Engineer

Graduate of University of Wisconsin Madison, and formerly at Epic Dan has 10+ years of software experience.

Will R.
Robotics Intern

Currently enrolled at the University of Minnesota. Will enjoys software and rapid prototyping.

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