New Designs for the MĪTI and mini

Introducing the new and improved chassis for the MĪTI and mini!

In development we knew we wanted to incorporate the Blue Ox Carrier Board into the design of the chassis for our new robots, but while we've been in development on the board, the mini and MĪTI have proven to be popular robotic platforms on their own! So a new, revamped design of the chassis had to be made to better serve our customers and emphasize what these platforms do so well.

The main change you'll probably notice is the integrated 80/20 bars on the top of the platform. These allow for super simple installation of sensors, mounting hardware, or full payloads. They of course work with our own R&D Payload, and will work with our almost ready for release weather-resistant payload! That is something we will be announcing soon, so keep an eye out.

The next feature change is also on the top, as you can see the cable pass through. As the Blue Ox is not finished yet, the MĪTI and mini have been reworked to function as our other platforms do, holding compute and other sensors in the payload. This passthrough is waterproof, to help protect the internals of the robot in case of inclement weather when testing outdoors.

Other improvements make the robots easier to construct, assemble, repair and in general improve the reliability of the platforms tremendously. We're excited to show off these improvements and look forward to sharing more news about our new waterproof payload, updates to the Blue Ox Board, and more developments and features to all our platforms through the end of the year!

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