ERDC's Advancements in Robotics Pathfinding and Navigation

Here at Rover Robotics we're always interested in the latest developments in the robotics industry and especially love to hear from the people who use our robots. Today, we'd like to showcase some interesting reports from the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) regarding their work in advancing robotics mapping, pathfinding and navigation. The ERDC is home to some of the world's leading engineering and scientific researchers, and we're pleased to have contributed our robots to support their research efforts. The Rover Pro has been utilized as a Multi-Operational Wireless Ranging and Low Power LIDAR Exploitation of Subterranean Structures or MOWLES robot at their Geospatial Research Lab, helping students and researchers get real life data from subterranean structures that would be difficult or dangerous for humans to navigate!

Check out these latest reports from the ERDC to learn more about how they are solving some of the toughest problems with 3D mapping and navigation, path planninghandling the trickiest obstacles, and mapping and localizing within a simulated sewer where you can see the Rover Pro in action!

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