Rover's New Robots

The Rover MĪTI and the Rover Mini are the latest robots coming from Rover Robotics. Inquire for pre-sale information now!

We have been hard at work continuing development on the Rover Mini. Chances are you've seen the Mini is action, driving with people on top of it, tearing through off road conditions, and even pulling a car! While developing this robot we decided, why not make it a big brother too? And we should make it even stronger while we're at it!

We are pleased to announce the Rover MĪTI (pronounced mighty) as the latest Rover Robot, now being prepared to launch with the Rover Mini. The Rover MĪTI features the same benefits of the Rover Mini, ultra quiet, super strong, long runtime, ROS1 & 2 compatible. The Rover MĪTI is virtually the same size as our Rover Zero and Pro models, and features a reinforced frame to provide all the strength you need for your toughest applications. You can see the R&D version in action here!

rover mitirover mini






Mini & MITI Features

  • Onboard computer (Q1 2023)
  • Integrated IMU
  • ROS2
  • Reinforced Frame (MITI)
  • Hub Motors
  • Powerful Torque
  • High Speed
  • Extra Long Battery Life


For inquiries and pre-sale information contact us at

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