Rover Robotics ROS2 Update + Simulation Support

We are proud to announce the launch of our updated ROS2 packages and new, reliable install scripts, a critical upgrade that will transform the way you work with our robots. This new update makes installing ROS2 and our Rover Robotics drivers easier and more reliable than ever for every robot! In addition, with this new update, we have incorporated Universal Robot Description Format (URDF) support for all our robots. This means you can now seamlessly define and customize your robots, with an easy-to-understand, text-based description format. URDF support makes it easier than ever for you to visualize, manipulate, and control your robot models in the virtual world. 

Simulation Rover Pro FlipperSimulated Rover MITI 4WD
We've also set up Gazebo simulations for each robot. This provides you with a safe and reliable virtual environment to test and tweak your robots before deployment. With these simulations, you can refine the performance of your robots, troubleshoot issues, and ensure they are ready for any challenge they may face in the real world. Best yet, we have already provided a set of sensors and accessories that you can easily add to any robot's payload to speed up your development process. 
Rover Robot running NAV2 in Gazebo SimRover Robot in Gazebo Sim

Finally, we have also included config and launch files for both Slam Toolbox and Navigation2. Combining these with a Rover payload, lidar sensor, and imu, you can be mapping and navigating within just a few hours out of the box. The URDF provides all the necessary transformations between sensors and the robot and our easy to use launch files make it super easy to start. 

The incorporation of URDF support and simulations in our ROS2 packages underscores our commitment to foster innovation, facilitate ease-of-use, and drive efficiency in the robotics industry. We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your robotics development experience, empowering you to create the next generation of robotics solutions.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, redefine boundaries, and lead the path to a more advanced robotics future at Rover Robotics. We can't wait to see what you'll build with our updated tools!

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be releasing several ROS2 tutorial videos focused on using and customizing these new tools. These will include setting up a rover robot, editing the robot description, simulating a Rover, and utilizing Slam Toolbox and Navigation2. Keep an eye out for these as they get released on our blog and our Youtube channel!

For now, we have created a new and more robust install script for this package. You can find all the information on our github repository linked (here) and below. If you already have a computer set up with ROS2, you can simply replace the old roverrobotics_ros2 driver folder with this new repository and rebuild. If you are setting up a new computer, please utilize the install script provided to ensure a proper installation.

New GitHub Repository:

Install Script Repository:

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