ROS2 Foxy and Humble + ROS1 Noetic Betas

We have been and are still working on our ROS2 repositories on GitHub! There are currently two options, one for ROS2 Humble and one for ROS2 Foxy. You can find them on our GitHub or click the links above! You can install the code by using Rover Tools ROS2 or installing manually, much the same way our ROS1 repo is set up.

Both the ROS2 repo's are in beta right now, so please reach out if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements!

In addition, we are in beta for ROS1 Noetic support for our current gen robots, which would run on Ubuntu 20.04. We are looking to transition to this as our main branch in 2023 by the time ROS1 Melodic reaches end of life.
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