Motor and Battery Statuses

In development it is often necessary to know and monitor the battery percentage, voltage, and current passing to the motors. This data can be accessed by echoing the /robot_status topic on the Rover MĪTI, mini, Zero, and Pro. On the Rover Pro you can also echo the /rover_pro/battery_status topic to see battery SOC.

For /robot_status the topic provides a list of 31 lines of data relating to the motors, battery, and flipper angle. You can see the reported data in the image below.


output of rover_status topic

For the mini and MĪTI, since they have four motors, the first 20 lines report the motor_id, motor_rpm, motor_current, motor_temp, and motor_mos_temp. For the Zero and Pro there are only two motors, so only the first 10 lines will populate with data.

The next 10 lines relate to the battery. There are two lines for each piece of data, only the first will be populated and report the voltage, temp, current, SOC, and fault flags.

The final line reports the angle of the flipper when using a Rover Pro Flipper.

With /rover_pro/battery_status you can see the voltage, current and percentage of the battery.

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