How to update a Rover Pro's Firmware

Keeping your robot up to date

The Rover Pro firmware is open source and can be found on github here:

Releases for the firmware are also located on github and can be found here:


[estimated time 30minutes]

Step #1

Download the latest firmware from github here


Step #2


Connect Pickit3 to Interface Board V3 where pin 1 on Pickit is plugged into Pin 1 on the interface board


Step #3

Download and open MPlab 8.92 on any windows machine


Step #4

Select File>Import and open the .hex file downloaded in step 1

Step #5

Select Pickit 3 under the programmer menu


Step #6 

Configure the power setting by going to Programmer>Settings and making sure the check box  for Power target circuit from Pickit3 is checked and and the voltage is set to 3.25V (Higher Voltage will damage the robot)


Step #7

Next select the device by going to Device>Select Device and choosing PIC24FJ256GB106


Step #8

Once everything is prepared make sure the robot battery uninstalled, plug in the interface board and program the robot by selecting Programmer>Program

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