Control a Rover with Foxglove

Control a Rover with Foxglove

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Foxglove is our favorite tool for developing software for mobile robots. Foxglove allows you to view data coming from you robot, similar to rviz, but it is cross platform and doesn't require ROS to be installed! It also allows you to drive your robot around similar to rqt_robot_steering, but in the same window you are viewing the data in. 


In this tutorial we going to show you how to get up and running with Foxglove to control and stream data from your Rover Pro or Rover Zero 2.


Step #1

Head to the Foxglove website and download the Foxglove app.


Step #2

Find out the IP address of the computer controlling your Rover. You may need to plug a monitor and keyboard into your computer in order to obtain this information. If you don't know how obtain your IP address this is easily google-able, but results may vary depending on your operating system.


Step #3 

Open the Foxglove app, select the connection icon in the upper left hand corner


Step #4 

Select ROS1 and enter

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