Waterproof Payload Housing Kit (housings and gasket only)


This is a set of housings that can be used to environmentally enclose sensors and computing components for the Open Rover.  It is rated for IP67.  All you have to do is bolt in your desired components from this list below, or contact us for customization.  

Housings come in raw machined form with exterior tool marks removed and surfaces ready for your paint should you choose to paint them.  Contact us for custom painting or finishing details.


Featured Mounting Points

-Rover Robotics Payload USB/Serial Breakout Board

-IMU - either Bosch or Xsense dev kit

-SwiftNav RTK GPS

-Nvidia TX1 or TX2 modules with slim carrier board

-6 Monocular web cameras

-1 Stereo camera either ZED or Realsense

-Netgear cell modem

-Power supply


-Rugged aluminum 6061 lower housings

-Rugged black ABS upper housing

-Thick silicone gasket seal

-Clear polycarbonate camera covers

-Fasteners and mounts


-Dimensions - 305mm x 178mm x 175mm

-Weight - 5.9lb (2.7kg)


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Waterproof Payload Housing Kit (housings and gasket only)

Volume Pricing

Quantity Discount Lead Time (weeks)
0-4 0% 1-2
5-9 3% 2-4
10-24 7% 4-6
25-49 12% 6-8
50-99 18% 8-10
100-249 25% 10-12
*Volume pricing applies only to products made by Rover Robots. Batteries and chargers are not included

Warranty / Repair

Rovers come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects related to manufacturing. Click here for more details

For repairs please contact support@roverrobotics.com. We will arrange to have your Rover sent to one of our three service locations. Within 1-3 business days of receiving the robot we will send a quote for the repairs. Upon accepting the quote we will arrange payment, make the needed repairs and ship your robot back. If needed we offer loaner Rovers while the repairs are being made..

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