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R&D Payload

The R&D payload is big enough to fit a full mini-itx board inside it with plenty of more room for a Ethernet hub, a usb hub, an RTK gps board, etc...

It has 80/20 on top for mounting sensors, and wires can be passed through the back of the robot where there are water tight cable passes. 

R&D Payload

Volume Pricing

Quantity Discount Lead Time (weeks)
0-4 0% 1-2
5-9 3% 2-4
10-24 7% 4-6
25-49 12% 6-8
50-99 18% 8-10
100-249 25% 10-12
*Volume pricing applies only to products made by Rover Robots. Batteries and chargers are not included

Warranty / Repair

Rovers come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects related to manufacturing. Click here for more details

For repairs please contact support@roverrobotics.com. We will arrange to have your Rover sent to one of our three service locations. Within 1-3 business days of receiving the robot we will send a quote for the repairs. Upon accepting the quote we will arrange payment, make the needed repairs and ship your robot back. If needed we offer loaner Rovers while the repairs are being made..

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