Rover Pro V2

$1,499.00 USD
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Rover Pro V2

$1,499.00 USD

This product is in pre-release and only available to our alpha testers group. To apply to become and alpha tester please fill out this form.


All the below information represents the current state of the design and are subject to change!



Dimensions: 12.5" tall, 20" wide, 24" long

Drive Type: Skid Steer

IP Rating: IP66

Max Payload Weight: 100kg

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 50°C


Wheels Specifications

Wheels: 10" Hub Motors (13" possible to attach)

Motor Power: 350W

Tire: Pneumatic & replaceable (alternate tread types available)

Adjustment: Front to back adjustment of 1.5" 


Battery Specifications:

Voltage: 36V

Capacity: 720Wh (20Ah)


Interface to Payload 

Communication: USB & CAN

Payload Power [Voltage]: 12V or Unregulated battery voltage  

Payload Power [Max Wattage]: 200W



Battery can be removed to charge, charging dock in development, after market wireless charger such as Wibotics can be affixed to bottom side. 



x8 M8 mounting locations on top allow users to add payloads for applications such as deliver or inspection. 

x12 M8 mounting locations on the bottom allow for charging equipment of spraying equipment to be added to the bottom of the robot.



Delivery, Retail Inspection, Telepresence, Security


Wheels are adjustable forward and backwards for improved curb and obstacle climbing

  • Fast Shipping
  • Weatherproof
  • Professional Support