Brentronics Slow Rate Battery Charger


This is a Brentronics BB2590 charger that is used to charge the Rover battery when it is removed from the robot.

Small light weight low cost dedicated charger will charge BB-2590/U and BB-390B/U. Typically takes about 12 hours to fully charge your batteries. It will charge the BB-2590/U to 33.6V thus achieving 7% more capacity.


-Input - 100V-240V AC, 0.6A, 50/60 Hz

-Dimensions - 69mm x 48mm x 41mm, cable is 1.7m

-Weight - 0.6lb (0.27kg)


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Brentronics Slow Rate Battery Charger

Volume Pricing

Quantity Discount Lead Time (weeks)
0-4 0% 1-2
5-9 3% 2-4
10-24 7% 4-6
25-49 12% 6-8
50-99 18% 8-10
100-249 25% 10-12
*Volume pricing applies only to products made by Rover Robots. Batteries and chargers are not included

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Rovers come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty that covers any defects related to manufacturing. Click here for more details

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