Rover 225Wh Battery


This is a Brentronics BB-2590/U, 7.5 Ah rechargable Lithium-ion Battery


  • Dimensions (length x width x height)

    4.4 in (112 mm) x 2.4 in (61 mm) x 5.0 in (127 mm)

  • Weight

    3.1 lb (1.4 kg)

  • SMBus


  • State of Charge Indicator


  • Connector

    Floating type per U.S. Army DWG # SC-C-179495

  • US Government Spec


  • Voltage

    28.8V, Two (2) Sections each 14.4V

  • Maximum Voltage

    33.0V, Two (2) Sections each 16.5V

  • Capacity

    In 24V Mode: 9.9 Ah, In 12V Mode: 19.8 Ah

  • Storage Temperature

    -40°C to +40°C (-40°F to +104°F)

  • Operating Temperature

    -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)


*Requires BB2590 compatible charger or Rover with internal charger upgrade.


Rover 225Wh Battery

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