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The flipper rover excels at both indoor and outdoor applications. It can climb most types of stairs, max speed is 2.0m/s (4.5mph), and it lasts 5 hours on a single charge. It's fully compatible with ROS. Encoder data, battery state of charge and motor temperature is all available using our ROS driver.  

The front flippers can be rotated up and down which makes climbing stairs easier. The back flippers are fixed in place with a 2 position clutch so they can be rotated by hand for transporting and storage.

Flipper rovers can easily be converted to 4WD rovers, contact us to get pricing on a conversion kit.

Whats an internal charger? An internal charger allows the Rover to be charged using a charging dock. Without it the battery must be removed and charged with a wall charger.
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The Rover Pros use high torque 2050KV in-runner brush-less sensored motors. That's a mouthful so lets breakdown what that means. There are two main types of DC motors, brushed and brushless. Brushes are a small strip of metal inside the motor that make contact from the rotor to the stator. These brushes wear out over time. By using brush-less motors it ensures our Rover Pros last a long time. In-runner simply refers to the fact that the rotor is in the middle. 2050KV refers to how fast the motor spins per volt that is applied. Lower values imply that the motor has more torque, and this is one of the lowest KV motors on the market, in fact we customize them to lower the KV rating. Sensored means that there is a built in hall effect sensor which allows the motor to spin start from a stop and spin slower than a sensor-less motor.


The Rover Pros use a military-grade high density lithium-ion battery pack with built in over-current and under-voltage protection, state of charge monitoring, temperature monitoring, current monitoring, and voltage monitoring. The operating voltage of the battery is 12V-16.8V. If more than 20A is ever pulled from the battery, it will shut itself of safely. All of the data from the battery is exposed with our ROS driver.

Description Value


62cm x 39cm x 15.6cm LxWxH [24.4in x 15.4in x 6.1in]


11kg [25lbs]

Max Speed

2.0m/s [4.5mph]

Payload Capacity

20kg [44lbs]

Ground Clearance

2cm [1in]

Operating Temp

-20C to 50C [0F to 120F]

Run time (basic usage)

5 hours

User Power

Unregulated 12V-16.8V

Shaft Material



2050KV inrunner Brush-less motors

Included Items

x1 Flipper Rover Pro

x1 Battery

x1 Wall Charger

x1 Interface Board