Startup Program

We know it can be tough creating a robotics startup. Building a robot from the ground up can be capital intensive and time consuming, but buying a platform can be risky too. Its hard to get a sense for if a platform is capable of your application by reading spec sheets, and it typically costs thousands of dollars to buy one outright. 

In order to minimize risks we created our Startup Program which is a rent-to-own program that allows startups to get a robot into their hands for testing for hundreds, not thousands off dollars.


How to apply

Step 1) Pick out the hardware you want from our site, put it in our shopping cart, and use our online generate quote tool to get a PDF quote. Or if you know the specific computer and sensors you would like we can mount and wire them for you for an addition fee. Contact for a quote.

Step 2) Send us the PDF and proof of funding, revenue, or future funding for your startup/company to Proof can be; website URL, pitchdeck, crunchbase page. The more info you provide us the better your chance of being accepted.

That's it!


How much do I pay

If approved you will be able to rent your requested hardware for 10% the cost of the hardware per month. If you end up keeping your hardware for 10 months its yours to keep, you can stop paying us and you will own the equipment! If you find out that the robot is not right for you you can return it at anytime, and the monthly charge will cease (you will still have to pay for the month that you cancelled in). Note that the first month there is an initiation fee and you will have to pay for shipping and any tarrifs associated with shipping.

Initiation fee: $500

Monthly Rate: 10%



Equipment you receive via this program may or may not be refurbished