Rover Zero - Tutorial 1 Mounting and Wiring a Computer

If you didn't opt to buy one of our payloads like the Starter Kit, SLAM Pack or R&D payload, then here is how to mount and wire your own computer:

Option 1: Raspberry Pi 

This is a popular option for its affordability. RPi's use m2.5 standoffs. We recommend getting some off Amazon and then either 3D printing of milling a plate to attach it to the top of the robot like our starter kit.

starter kit

Use an XT60 splitter, a XT60 5V converter, and a micro USB cable to power the PI. Plug the comms cable into any of the USB ports on the Pi and you will be good to go!

Option 2: Intel Nuc or NVIDIA AGX

We recommend using 3M VHB tape to mount either of these computers to the robot. This stuff is awesome for mounting things all sorts of things without the need to drill holes. For easy removal mount the computer to a plate, and then mount the plate to the robot. 

vhb tape

Its also a good ides to mount these computers upside down so that you can access the bottom just in case you want to swap out the SSD, RAM, or WiFi card.

Both these computers need an 2.5mm x 5.5mm barrel jack for power. You can either make this cable yourself by cutting apart the power supply that came with the computer and soldering on an XT60 connector, or you can buy a pre-made cable online, but if you go this route don't accidentally order a cable with a  2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel jack connector. It won't fit if you do!!!



Option 3: Using a laptop

This is the easiest option but not one we recommend long term. The only wiring needed is to plug the USB cable marked "comms" into a USB port on your laptop. We recommend securing your laptop with straps.