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Starter Kit - Getting started

Interface Board Data Sheet (61KB)

DB25 Pinout (52KB)

Xbox Controller Button Mapping

Xbox control not working properly 


Design your own payload guide

Scissor Lift CAD

Charging Dock CAD

R&D Payload CAD

More CAD below


ROS1 driver (binaries)

ROS1_driver (source)

Python library

C# Library

UART Protocol

Computer Setup Guide




Tuning encoders

Integrating an IMU

Fusing IMU + Encoders with ROS robot localization





Autonomy Software 




Robot Comparison




CAD Models

2WD Rover 4WD Rover Flipper Rover
2WD Rover CAD
Open in fusion 360⭳ STL File (9.7MB)⭳ STEP File (38.9MB)
4WD Rover CAD
Open in fusion 360⭳ STL File (9.0MB)⭳ STEP File (49.3MB)
Flipper Rover CAD
Open in fusion 360⭳ STL File (9.7MB)⭳ STEP File (57.3MB)


Does the Rover come with a computer?

Short answer is no. Our Rovers are designed for the computer to go in the payload so each payload pack that we offer includes a computer. This means less cost or design work if you want to upgrade to a new computer.


Do the Rovers have encoders?

Yes, we used brush-less motors with encoders on the back of the shaft. The data from them is exposed in our ROS driver or by using our UART protocol. The raw data is very noisy since the encoder measurements are taken before the gearbox, we filter them in our ROS driver. 


What sensors do the Rover have? 

The Rovers have only encoders. All other sensors are meant to be put into the payload. This is because sensor technology is changing fast and this allows for using the latest and greatest sensors without having to redesign the whole robot.


What computer should I get?

We really like the Intel NUC's or the NVIDIA TX2. They both cost roughly the same. The TX2 has a GPU built in so you can run image processing more efficiently, on the other hand the NUC's have better driver support so some things that are really hard to get running on a TX2 work out of the box with Intel NUC's. Also the Intel Realsense D435's are a great sensor for $200 and they work out of the box with the Inel NUC's. Even though we sell RPi 3B's with our starter kits we recommend using something better if you value your time. Its great that they are $35 but if you serious about your robotics project you probably need something more powerful and robust. 


Can you convert one type of rover to another?

Yes, and in some cases its very easy. The easiest conversion is from Flipper Rover to 4WD Rover, it takes about 30 seconds to take off the flippers and put on wheels. Converting the other way is harder because 4WD Rovers need an additional motor inside to actuate the flipper. Converting from 4WD to 2WD or visa versa is also easy, you just need the additional parts. It takes about 5min. We can generate a quote for the additional parts needed if you contact us. 


Can you ship to countries outside the US?

We can ship to most countries, it may just cost more and take extra time. The most difficult thing to get to other countries are the batteries because they are over the 100Wh cutoff for being considered dangerous goods which cannot go on planes. 


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