Does the Rover come with a computer?

Our Rovers do not have computers inside them but can be purchased with a payload computer. We recommend that all new customers purchase a computer with their robot for the easiest out of the box experience.

Can I Use My Own Computer?

No problem, just check out the rover tools on our GitHub page. Follow the readme and the menu options for install and the rest will be handled by the tool. This is the same tool we use at our production facility in Minnesota so it is always up to date.

Do the Rovers Have Encoders?

Yes, both the Rover Pro and Rover Zero use brush-less geared motors with encoders on the back of the shaft. The data from them is exposed in our ROS1 and ROS2 drivers. We recommend combining this data with IMU data using a Kalman filter. The ROS1 robot_localization package works well for this. We also recommend using different covariances when your stopped, going straight, and turning, because the encoders are very accurate when stopped and driving straight, but less accurate when turning becuase the wheels will skid. An IMU is very accurate when turning, but not when stopped, so these two sensors compliment well.

What Sensors Do the Rovers Have?

The Rover Pro and Rover Zero have encoders, motor temperature sensors, and circuitry to report the battery state of charge. All other sensors are meant to be put into the payload. This is because sensor technology is changing fast and this allows for using the latest and greatest sensors without having to redesign the whole robot.

Can you Change Drive Kits Easily?

Yes, but there are some considerations. Between 4WD and 2WD it is a simple swap. From a 4WD to a Flipper/Tracked Drive Kit requires additional internal hardware. Contact Us for more information

Can You Ship Outside the US?

We currently ship to many international countries, but there are some exceptions. Please contact us if you are located outside the United States and are interested in purchasing from us.