Meet Rover

Meet Rover

We’re happy to introduce you today to our new company, Rover Robotics!

RR is a joint venture between the tactical robot company RoboteX and the founder of the world’s largest rapid prototyping company, Proto Labs.  As one of the early founders of RoboteX, I served as the Chief Technology Officer and led the development of the Avatar line of tactical robots for first-responders.  After deploying thousands of them around the world, I couldn’t be more thrilled to offer the technology to developers within academia and industry.  All of us at RoboteX and Rover feel that thousands more robots can be used in a variety of applications such as agriculture, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, security, and of course, all sorts of research projects that we can’t even imagine yet.

Our goal at Rover is to offer reliable, rugged robots and supporting software at fair prices.  Along with that, our products are available and supported online:  no need to get a quote just to buy a great robot to start your project with.  And, our years of experience with high-performance robotics hardware means that you get robots that work every time, right out of the box and can withstand severe environments for extended periods of time.  As well, we are here to help you bring your application to life.

Contact us with your input and feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Adam Gettings, Founder and CEO